Cincinnati - July 15, 2017
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Get Ready to Aim High in a slew of different ways 

while helping families with critically ill kids!

Toss your Boss

Individual Rappeller

Team Rappeller

Catch your Coach

Drop a Doc

Fling a Firefighter

Pitch a Police Officer

Plunge a Pastor

Push your Principal

Here's that "once in a lifetime experience", that "cross it off my bucket list", and that "I've got nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!" opportunity you've been waiting for!  

Your chance to reach for the sky and rappel down 26 stories from the rooftop of the 36 E. 7th St. Building in Downtown Cincinnati!  

We've got a rappelling option (SEE LINKS BELOW) perfect for EVERYONE, so start challenging yourself, spread the word & GET EXCITED!  

We'll go the EXTREME to help families struggling with critically ill children & WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Pick a path and register TODAY!