Cincinnati - July 15, 2017
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Reasons to Rappel

About the Aubrey Rose Foundation

The Aubrey Rose Foundation was founded in memory of Aubrey Rose. Aubrey was always a very happy baby throughout everything she endured, including a heart and double lung transplant and she smiled continuously.  In honor, her foundation provides support and help for those who seek to be lifted from the complexities of life and to find a greater happiness in the future. Aubrey brought a great light into our lives. Help us pass that light along

The Aubrey Rose Foundation assists  financially  with medially-fragile children. This Foundation is an all-volunteer organization and relies on the generosity of donors and sponsors.

Our 1st ANNUAL Rappel for a Reason, which is an Over the Edge event to benefit the Aubrey Rose Foundation, is about more than just the thrill of rappelling 26 stories from the rooftop of 36 E. 7th Street building in the heart of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. 

This event uniquely reflects our work to take families off the edge financially by helping them with their medical bills because of their child who has a  life-threatening medical condition!  Your support will provide LASTING and SUSTAINABLE change for families and their children.

To learn more about Aubrey's story, click here.


Additional Fundraiser Incentives!

Incentives for those going to TOSS YOUR BOSS


Incentives for those TEAM RAPPELLING

Incentives for those going to CATCH A COACH

Incentives for those going to DROP A DOC

Incentives for those going to FLING A FIREFIGHTER

Incentives for those going to PITCH A POLICE OFFICER

Incentives for those going to PLUNGE A PASTOR

Incentives for those going to PUSH A PRINCIPAL


How can I participate!

1. Become an EDGER – Rappel

This is your opportunity to challenge yourself by rappelling 26 stories down 36 E. 7th Street building  Click the link below to register for Rappel for a Reason.


2. Sponsorships

Our sponsors are an important element to this exciting event, and we appreciate them for their support and commitment to families with medically-fragile children.  Click the link below for more information on our various sponsorships.


3.  Donate to a Rappeller

In order for th eevent to be successful, our rappelers need your donations.  Click the link below to donate to a specific Rappeller.


4.  Volunteer

By volunteering as an individual or a corporate group you will be a part of this energetic and high-profile event while also supporting to the Aubrey Rose Foundation, a Cincinnati based non-profit organization.