Cincinnati - July 15, 2017
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Nancy Piatt

Nancy Piatt

I am Rappelling for a Reason on Saturday at 2:15pm!

I must be crazy right?  I tried to bungee jump once and it was all I could muster to take that leap as I looked down 300 feet and I was shaking like a leaf in a hurricane!  Why in the world did I say I would do this?

I am very passionate about the Aubrey Rose Foundation, so much that I am a Board Member! How could I ask someone else to raise over $1000 and rappel down 26 stories (about 286 feet!) without having to do this myself!  I am adventurous but this will take the cake.  

I would love to raise $10000 myself personally, so if you feel compelled please pass along my page to someone else who you feel would give to such an incredible organization (and want to see me rappel). 

Please help me to reach my goal and beyond so I can help pay medical bills for some sick child.

Click here to donate for my cause directly! 

Rappeller Handbook - WHAT TO EXPECT!

MY TARGET: $2,500.00
RAISED: $3,150.00
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