Cincinnati - July 15, 2017
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Lisa McCarthy

Lisa McCarthy

I am Rappelling for a Reason on Saturday @ 12:00 pm. 

HELP PUSH ME OVER THE EDGE!!   ***JULY 15, 2017***

What a chance to help with a great cause and foundation! When I learned about what the Aubrey Rose Foundation is all about and the young boy that I am getting paired with, I knew right away that I had to do all that I could to help.

Morgan is a bright eyed and cheerful 7 year old boy who has lissencephaly, cerebral palsy and many other conditions.  Lissencephaly is a rare brain malformation, in which the ridges or gyri in his brain did not form in utero, leaving him with a smooth surface of the brain.  Morgan has a more severe type of lissencephaly, called classic lissencephaly.  Lissencephaly causes developmental delays, difficulties swallowing, epilepsy, and gross motor delays.  Many children with lissencephaly don’t reach the age of 10, while some reach adulthood.  It is difficult to predict outcome because the disorder is so rare.  Generally, complications include respiratory infections and prolonged seizures, which can be life threatening.  For Morgan, his seizures are currently under control by medication, and he has a g-tube that helps him get enough water and extra nutrition (as he can’t safely drink water by mouth and can only eat pureed foods).  He does frequently end up in the hospital for things as simple as the common cold, because any time he has extra mucous or secretions, he has difficulty getting them out of his lungs and throat.  Additionally, he does have moderate persistent asthma, which has also landed him in the hospital.  Morgan also has sleep apnea, cerebral palsy (he currently uses a wheelchair but is working on his standing and walking with assistance), scoliosis, and a cortical visual impairment.  Morgan has had a rough 6 months- he has undergone a hip reconstruction surgery (his hip was dislocated which is not uncommon for kids with cerebral palsy), had a g-tube placed (a tube that allows food to bypass the mouth and go straight in to the stomach, which we are thrilled about as it means he can get food even when he’s tired!), and has had 5 hospitalizations since January of 2016; however, he is still smiling!

Morgan lives with his adoptive Mom, Rachel.  Morgan and Rachel met in Zambia, where Morgan is from, when Rachel was living there and working for a non-profit for kids with disabilities.  Since the day they met, Morgan and Rachel have been a family.  Morgan has been living with Rachel since July of 2015, and is such a joy.  Morgan and Rachel moved to the US for medical care not available in Zambia.  Morgan’s favorite activities include eating sweets (he LOVES chocolate and peanut butter), being read to, lounging by the pool, and spending time with his mom.  He loves warm weather and is not a fan of winter.  Morgan is currently learning to use an eye gaze communication device in school, which Mom is excited about!  Morgan is Rachel’s only child and the two are very close.

THAT IS WHERE ALL OF YOU COME IN I need your help to raise the funds necessary to allow the Aubrey Rose Foundation to do its mission. "The Aubrey Rose Foundation assists  financially  with medially-fragile children. This Foundation is an all-volunteer organization and relies on the generosity of donors and sponsors.

This event uniquely reflects our work to take families off the edge financially by helping them with their medical bills because of their child who has a  life-threatening medical condition!  Your support will provide LASTING and SUSTAINABLE change for families and their children."

Please go to my donation page and give whatever you can:

As someone who works with children daily, I am very excited to the the opportunity to help! Please help me reach the goal and "push" me over the edge of the building!



Rappeller Handbook - WHAT TO EXPECT!

MY TARGET: $2,000.00
RAISED: $1,575.00
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