Cincinnati - July 15, 2017
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Courtney Kimberlin

Courtney Kimberlin

I am Rappelling for a Reason on Saturday at 12:00pm - HIGH NOON!

My name is Courtney Kimberlin and I am from Covington, KY. I have been going to Aurbrey Rose fundraisers for two years and I decided it was time for me to get on the other side of things and really try to make a difference! I have always loved volunteering and have been doing it actively for about eight years. The Aubrey Rose Foundation sits very dear with my heart because of my love for children and seeing first-hand what sickness can do to a family. I am very excited to be helping with Rappel for a Reason and I hope you will donate to either my goal or someone elses smiley

I have been paired with my patient that is counting on me to raise the money for him and his family, everyone meet Jimmie! Jimmie was born with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) and is a salt waster. This means that he was born without our bodies stress hormone, he cannot hold in salt and it also messes with his male hormone. Example: if he gets very sick, breaks a bone or when he gets older and has to deal with a death in the family; it is very hard for his body to cope with these things. Jimmie started kindergarten this year and has already missed 28 days due to sickness. Depending on the sickness, his family might have to triple/double dose him with his medicine to help his body get over the sickness. Jimmie has been to the hospital more times in the 6 years of his life than anyone I know.

Aubrey Rose is hosting Rappel for a Reason on July 15th to help raise money for families with critically ill children. Although I am helping with the event, I have set a hefty goal for myself of raising $1,000.00. If you would like to donate to my team, please click the link below—I would greatly appreciate it! I will be taking donations until July 12th and on July 15th I will be rappelling from a building downtown to show my support for critically ill children!

Anything helps: $1, $7, or $50.

If you would like to get involved, feel free to reach out to me!

Rappeller Handbook - WHAT TO EXPECT!

MY TARGET: $1,000.00
RAISED: $935.00
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